Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoes, Fun and Microbraids:)

So today I was doing a little online shopping and came across and They are both the same concept. You pay $39.95 a month and each month the website will send you a pair of shoes. If you arent happy with the selection your stylist sent, you send them back and they will send you another pair. There is no fee to end your account.

Now I am sure many many girls are very familiar with these websites. And I have heard of them, just never looked at them. But I am in love with this concept! So I signed up for both. I will see how everything happens.

Anyway, so I went to the African Braiding Center on Georgia Avenue in Washington, D.C. and they did an amazing job!! They only took 4 hours and I love it! My head still hurts from them pulling on my scalp from every direction but I love it!!

Infinite XOXO's
Jasmiine Charmagne


  1. hey girl !

    i love ur new blog. you are looking cute with your new hair style.
    btw\ i love your pink scarf, i have the same ;)

    im going to check out the web site it's look so cool.

  2. Thank you lovey!! I love this scarf! I have the purple one with the stars on it too!!

    I LOVE your blog btw!! Do you have a YouTube Vlog? I hope you are following my blog and if you havent checked out my videos my vlog is

    keep in touch love!