Sunday, October 31, 2010

How did you spend your Halloween???

Some people got all dressed up and went to Halloween parties. Some took their kids trick or treating. Some gave out candy. And what did I do? I sat in the house eating Cocoa Pebbles and watching The Hills reruns. How lame am I?? LOL...I have never been one to go to clubs and stuff. But I got invited to a Halloween party, had a costume and everything. I was gonna be "Fairy Jasmiine in the City" lol...but I thought I had to go to South I didnt go...and here I am. Bored at 3:34 a.m. STILL watching reruns of the Hills. I have GOT to get it together.

Infinite XOXO's

Jasmiine Charmagne

Friday, October 29, 2010

This blog isnt about Grilled Cheese!!!

So I will now be consistently blogging!! I have been super busy with my job and starting school but I now have a giveaway on YouTube for (2) $25.00 giftcards for Forever21!!!! Woot Woot!! So I wanted to write this blog to let you guys know, YES, this blog is to follow my life, it is crazy!!! But NO, I will not be writing about grilled cheese. I was just so shocked that Macaroni Grill doesnt sell grilled cheese anymore on the kids menu!! lol

Anyway, if you view this and havent seen my YouTube channel, I have this giveaway going on!! You should definitely check it out!!

Infinite XOXO's!!
Jasmiine Charmagne

Friday, October 22, 2010

What the F??? No more Grilled Cheese???

So...this is super random but I was just chatting with my friend Valerie on Facebook and she just told me the most shocking news for the night...there is no more Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Macaroni Grill!! I worked at Mac Grill for a year and a half and we just got the grilled cheese sandwich on the kids menu and I was sooooo estatic about it!! I absolutely ♥ grilled cheese and it was so amazing because it was made with fresh mozzarella and velveeta cheese!! Like the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!! I was telling her I couldnt wait to come back to SC to get me one of those mouth watering grilled cheese sandwiches only to find out they arent sold anymore. WHAT THE F??? NO MORE GRILLED CHEESE???? What in the world are those kids eating now because I would not recommend anything else on the kids menu!! I dont work there anymore but still...that is sooo bad!!! So in rememberance of the amazing grilled is a picture:

I just cant believe they would do that!!Well, now that my shock is over, I am going to bed :) Talk to you guys tomorrow!!

Infinite XOXO's
Jasmiine Charmagne